New - and final - podcast episode: information visualisation with augmented reality

In the latest Discover Virtual Reality Design podcast, I interview Andrea Bravo on the topic of information visualisation using augmented reality. The conversation is focusing on a conference paper Andrea co-authored.

25 episodes later

In other news, unfortunately I’ve found that I don’t have the time to continue the podcast in the interview format that I adopted once my fellow host Dooley Murphy left, after our second season last year, to finalise his Ph.D.

There are great interview podcasts about the immersive space out there and they are basically doing a better job and on a more consistent manner. I’ve come to the conclusion that me doing the interview format does not differentiate in a meaningful way. So this episode will be the last, at least for the time being.

The podcast is dead, long live the new podcast!

However, I am planning to launch another podcast that is complementing this newsletter. It will have a more focused and unique approach in comparison to the other content out there, and I feel it will add more value to the listeners, even if it will in some ways be more niche. So how’s that for a teaser - more details here soon.


Stay safe,